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What I know about ICT

Ict To identify what I know about ICT I just completed a simple test on the StudyDesk for EDC3100.  Before doing the test I was pretty certain that I knew the difference between what was an ICT and what was not an ICT.  However the test proved to be more difficult than I had first imagined.  For me personally questions 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 were fairly easy.  In contrast questions 1, 3, 6, 9 and 10 were a bit more difficult for me to decipher whether they were an ICT or not.  My final result was 6 out of 10 and these results can be found here at  I would really love to here from other EDC3100 students to compare how you feel about your knowledge in identifying ICTs after completing this test against mine.

Since completing this test the results have identified that there is still a lot more I can learn about ICTs.  It has also made me think a lot more about what identifies an object as an ICT.  This is definitely something that I am keen to broaden my knowledge on throughout this subject. I look forward to learning about ICTs through a range of different methods.


Feeling accomplished

This week has been the first time that I have ever created a blog or connected to Feedly and Diigo.  During my first attempt at creating a blog I was unsure at how to customize my blog and did not know the difference between a page and a post.  Consequently my first attempt at creating a blog ended in frustration and a major headache.  At this point it was best to put it aside and come back to it again at another time when I was feeling more refreshed.  I came back for a second attempt at creating a blog on Saturday 27th February and surprisingly my second attempt was much more successful.  During my second attempt at setting up my blog I learnt what the difference was between a post and a page and I soon found myself navigating through the blog quite easily.  I was even able to follow the instructions and register my blog on the EDC3100 StudyDesk.  This proves that with persistence and determination you can learn to use ICT’s even if you are not experienced in using them.

Learning New ICT Skills

I used to think that my ICT skills were pretty good. However this is the first time I have ever created a blog and it has definitely been a bit of a challenge.  It has also taught me that my ICT skills are pretty basic and I am definitely up to learning new skills.  I think I am going to learn a fair bit throughout EDC3100, which is a pretty exciting prospect.  It has definitely helped me to feel less stressed and frustrated while setting up this blog by utilizing the internet to learn how to create and navigate my way through a blog.

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