What I’ve Learnt This Week

Learning  Well the beginning of semester 1 for 2016 began with me feeling quite overwhelmed with what this semester might entail, however I have actually taken a lot away from this weeks learning paths and activities. For example after working through the StudyDesk for EDC3100 I learnt that you should always write ICTs without an apostrophe.  This was something new to me, as I had always written ICTs with the apostrophe. The old saying you learn something new every day has started to emerge at the very beginning of semester 1.  I also learnt the difference between analog and digital technology.  For example information is translated into electric pulses of varying amplitude in analog technology and in contrast digital technology translates information and converts it into numbers called binary format consisting of zeros and ones and each bit is represented by two distinct amplitudes (The Chicago School of Media Theory, 2016).  I also discovered the advantages that digital technology has over analog technology. For example storing information in digital form means that less room is needed for storage and it is also easier to store. An example of this is an eBook reader, which stores thousands of books in one device.  This means there is no need to have space taken up by a bookshelf full of books (Woodford, 2010).  I also found a YouTube video quite helpful in explaining the difference between analog and digital technology.  The link can be found here.  I would love to hear what other people have learnt this week, so please comment on this post, so that we can compare what we have all learnt and maybe even learn from each other.


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