Feeling Reassured

what are ICTs.jpg

After reading Bonitta’s blog and Miss Galea’s blog I have since learnt that I am not the only EDC3100 student that didn’t do so well in the online quiz about what is and isn’t an ICT.  After getting 6/10 for this quiz I felt like a complete failure and a little bit silly.  But it reassures me that I am not alone.  I guess with all the resources available to use this semester on the StudyDesk and plenty of others to collaborate with I am sure by the end of this course we will all feel less overwhelmed and know a lot more about ICTs.  One thing I did learn from doing the quiz was that all ICTs are digital.

I was encouraged today to do some further research to find out more about what ICTs are and how they can stimulate learning in the 21st century and believe it or not I used an ICT to find out more. So through the world wide web I searched for answers utilizing google to help me find out more.  This just proves how powerful ICTs can be in helping people learn and expand on their knowledge.  It also proves that ICTs can be useful in expanding the knowledge of both students and teachers alike both in and outside the classroom.

Through my search I found a really great YouTube video on what ICTs are.  This video can be found here.  I also found a really great YouTube video on how technology is influencing education in the 21st century and this video can be found here.  This video describes how digital technologies have changed the way we communicate, manage, produce, entertain, teach and learn.  The video also describes how digital technology has expanded the way we can access information and goes on to educate viewers on how ICTs are enhancing the classroom of the 21st century (Brown, 2012).  This is an exciting prospect to know that we as future teachers can learn to use digital technologies to benefit our own learning, as well as the students in our classrooms. This video also proved to me that not all ICTs are difficult to use. I hope you find these videos as useful as I did.  I also hope that they may also help you to gain further knowledge about ICTs and the future of ICTs in education.


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