EcoMuve supporting scientific learning

This weeks learning paths introduced me to the idea of EcoMuve.  EcoMuve is a 3D virtual world that has been established to help students develop a deeper understanding about ecosystems and the changes that occur in these ecosystems overtime (Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2015).  There is a really good video that explains EcoMuve and some more information about this virtual learning tool on the EcoMuve website.  This website can be found here.  After watching the video that explained what EcoMuve is and what students can do in this virtual scientific game I was quite excited and interested in the idea of virtual games for educational purposes.

Before I started EDC3100 I had the opinion that too much use of ICTs could have a negative affect on the children’s learning.  However each week my views have begun to change as I work through the learning paths and read other EDC3100 student’s blog posts.  I am now starting to see a whole heap of benefits on how ICTs can support the learning of students in all learning areas.  EcoMuve is a good example of this.  This is because through the engagement in this learning tool students can develop skills that they are required to develop as part of the Australian curriculum science strand.  These include science inquiry skills including investigating, collecting and analyzing data. It also requires students to make important scientific decisions and aids in students learning about living things and the environment and changes that occur on earth (ACARA, 2009).  This just proves that students can learn the skills required of them in the curriculum from the use of ICTs.

In Miss Galea’s Blog it is stated that she believes that EcoMuve is a good learning tool for students learning about relationships in the environment and consequently can certainly have a useful place for learning in the classroom.  She also believes that this ICT learning tool will never be able to replace scientific fieldwork in real life situations (Galea, 2016).  I agree with Miss Galea’s point of view that EcoMuve is a good educational tool to use when teaching students science.  This is because it incorporates the three interrelated science strands including science inquiry skills, science as a human endeavour and science understanding.  These are incorporated into the activities that the students can engage in while working through this virtual learning tool (ACARA, 2009).  However I also believe that students will still benefit from real world situations such as doing their own scientific experiments and fieldwork and that ICTs are important educational tools to use alongside real world experiences, as ICTs should never fully replace real world resources and learning experiences.



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