Have digital technologies turned us into an anti-social society?

technology hasn't changed us.jpg

After reading Elly’s blog post titled ‘Are digital technologies making us anti-social?’  I was led to think about this question a little more thoroughly.  I had actually been meaning to answer this question a while ago when I first came across it in the learning paths, however I hadn’t quite got around to it till now.  My first initial thought when I came across this question was yes they absolutely are, but then I answered that one question quiz and was quite astonished to find out that the answer was no.  This made me decide to do some further research into this question to see what other people’s answers to this question was.

I absolutely agree with the article that Elly found titled ‘Technology Doesn’t Make Us Less Social; It Just Changes The Way We Socialise’.  This leads me to explain the picture at the top of this post.  The picture is captioned with the statement that technology hasn’t changed us.  I agree with this statement to some extent, as it shows that technology wasn’t always needed to seem as though people were anti-social.  People still found ways to read the news in the presence of other people using other resources such as the newspaper.

However technology has changed the way we connect with people.  As we are now able to connect with people through resources such as email, on Facebook and Twitter, through sms texts on our smartphones and even through Skype.  All of these new forms of technologies have made it easier and more efficient to connect with people around the world.  To me this doesn’t seem anti-social.  Instead it just seems as though people are being social through technology.  Technology has also made it easier to further our learning, as learning through the use of technology means that learning can be done at anytime and anywhere, as online resources mean that learning can be self-motivated and self-directed (Tan, 2014).

I now believe that technology hasn’t made us anti-social; instead it has just changed the way people socialise, which was outlined in the article that Elly posted on her blog recently.  Because of this I believe that technology has brought about a change for the better.  I found a really good article, which can be found here that describes how technology has made us better social beings.  I would love to know what everyone else’s point of view is on this topic and whether your view on this topic has changed like mine has since participating in the EDC3100 course this semester.



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