Can we ever escape technology?

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I was reading Elly’s blog post titled ‘IS THERE SUCH THING AS ESCAPING TECHNOLOGY’ and this got me thinking back to when I was in primary school and we didn’t have the technology that we use today.  However we still managed to get by as though we didn’t need these new forms of technology such as iPads and smartphones that are used in the 21st century.  Even though we seemed to manage without all of these new digital devices that we use today I look back to those days now; before technology and I sit here and think how did we ever get by without our smartphones, digital cameras and iPads etc.  As Elly mentioned in her post she went away on a road trip and was trying to have a technology free holiday and didn’t realise how near to impossible this was.

I can definitely relate to Elly’s post, as I have had a few holidays overseas where I wanted to have a technology free holiday, however this did not occur.  For example when I visited Japan in 2014 I took advantage of the free wifi that was available in most cafes around Japan at every opportunity I could.  This was just to send emails back home to friends and family who I was missing in order to stop me from feeling homesick.  I guess not being totally free from technology isn’t such a bad thing though, as in my situation it helped me stay connected with people in a different country.

I found a really interesting article titled ‘Could you live without technology?’  This article has a really interesting YouTube video in it where people that have had brain injuries define how technology has helped them through their recoveries (Taylor, 2013).  This got me thinking that maybe it is not such a bad thing that technology has advanced so much in the 21st century and also that maybe escaping technology isn’t necessarily a good thing.




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