Assignment 2 draft

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After reading S blog post titled ‘Assignment 2’ I decided that I should prepare a rough draft for assignment 2 based on some ideas that I would like to incorporate into the unit plan.  I have spent the last week contemplating over the ideas around assignment 2 and after changing my mind various times I have decided to base my unit plan for assignment 2 on Year 1 geography.  I am using the Australian Curriculum for assignment 2.


The learning objectives consist of –

constructing knowledge:

Geographical Knowledge and Understanding

and transforming knowledge:

  • Draw simple conclusions based on discussions, observations and information displayed in pictures and texts and on maps (ACHASSI025).


My unit topic will follow the elaborations for (ACHASSK031). These consist of:

  • Using observations and/or photographs to identify changes in natural, managed and constructed features in their place (for example, recent erosion, revegetated areas, planted crops or new buildings).
  • Describing local features people look after (for example, bushland, wetland, park or a heritage building) and finding out why and how these features need to be cared for, and who provides this care.
    Because of this my unit topic is based on caring for the environment.  I am still trying to think of an intriguing name for my topic, so that it helps Year 1 students to stay engaged in learning and also helps them to be enthusiastic to learn.


Assignment [Image].  (2014).  Retrieved from



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