Learning can be fun!

After reading Elizabeth’s blog post today I was encouraged to find out more about a fascinating and fun teaching resource called 4D Cityscape time puzzles.  I watched the YouTube video in Elizabeth’s post that explains what this resource is and I found it quite fascinating.

I bet your all wondering what this fascinating learning resource is.  Well it’s a multi-layer puzzle that incorporates 4 Dimensions, so that you can recreate cityscapes or Ancient cities.  This puzzle is evidence that learning really can be fun.

I definitely think this would be a fantastic resource for engaging young children in learning geography to explore the changes in natural, managed and constructed features in a place.  This could be done through the use of the 4th Dimension time poster, which is used to locate & place buildings on the puzzle map according to the year it was built in chronological order.  The year of the last building that is placed on the puzzle map represents the year you are in the puzzle. This resource is educational and could be incorporated into a geography lesson to help children learn how a city develops and evolves overtime and they could also learn about the geography of a particular area (4D Cityscape Time Puzzle, 2016).

ICT is incorporated into this resource through the 4D National Geographic Puzzles App. This app can be used on an iPad to scan the puzzle in order to identify and learn more about each location (4DCityscape, 2015).  I am very grateful that Elizabeth introduced me to this educational resource, as it was great to learn about something that I had not heard about before and it was definitely good to find an educational tool that would be engaging and interesting for young children to learn and develop inside and outside the classroom.  It’s also even more cool that it incorporates the use of ICTs.

4D Cityscape time puzzles truly demonstrates how learning can be fun.  All you need to do is research in order to find the right resources.  This resource could also be incorporated into a history lesson.  I encourage everyone to check out Elizabeth’s blog post and share your thoughts.



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from https://youtu.be/419t46pii6o


4D Cityscape Time Puzzle.  (2016).  Retrieved April 6, 2016, from







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