Reflection of the EDC3100 course so far…


I have been working through week 7 of the course this week and like Leisha Luchetti I too feel less overwhelmed, confused and scared about this course.  I remember in the first couple of weeks I felt very overwhelmed about what was required of us throughout this course and I was also worried that I would not be able to complete the amount of work required of us.  I was also feeling nervous about using new ICT resources to complete this course.  For example even writing a blog was new to me at the beginning of this course and now I am a competent blog user on wordpress.  Much the same as Leisha Luchetti I too have changed my feelings about this course and now that we are in week 7 I am feeling interested, excited, happy and eager to learn more in regards to EDC3100.

I’d also like to reflect on my thoughts about how the EDC3100 StudyDesk is set up.  Firstly I really like how EDC3100 has been set out for students to complete this course.  Seeing the boxes ticked once I complete a moodle book helps me keep on track with where I’m at throughout the course and also helps me to stay engaged with the online learning activities provided throughout the course.  I have often found while completing my degree that sometimes with my busy lifestyle it’s hard to stay engaged with the StudyDesk activities and modules throughout each course while also working on the assignments.  However the way EDC3100 has been set up helps me to ensure that I make time to complete the StudyDesk activities.  I think this aspect is great.  I also love how the moodle books are easy to understand and follow along with and I also love the way that the moodle books help with working through each assignment.  This is also a bonus in keeping up to date with the learning activities throughout the course.

I hope everyone else’s feelings have changed about this course since week 1 of EDC3100 to a more positive point of view about the course.  I also hope that everyone is learning as much as I have so far throughout EDC3100 and if your still feeling stressed I thought I would share a link to a webpage that describes how to reduce stress.  The link can be found here.  I hope you all find this link helpful while completing the second half of semester 1.




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