Amplifying and Transforming learning experiences using ICTs

While working through assignment 2 for EDC3100 I have been conscious of having to find ICTs that amplify and transform the learning of the students throughout the unit. However Courtney mentions in her post titled ‘On the journey to ICT-rich learning experiences’ that a major problem with developing ideas to amplify and transform learning experiences with ICTs; is knowing what ICTs are available and what ICTs might be applicable.  I totally agree with Courtney, as this has been a major setback for me while working on assignment 2.  To help me with this setback I have found google to be a helpful resource for developing ideas and I have also used assignment 1, as a guide to certain ICTs that could be used throughout assignment 2.  Scootle is also another good resource to use.  I also found a webpage that provides some of the best apps and web tools to utilise for each of the six thinking levels in Bloom’s digital taxonomy.  This webpage can be accessed here.  For example in order for students to develop understanding they could use ICTs such as Diigo and Weebly (Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, 2016).  All of these resources are helping me to establish what ICTs are available and applicable to use throughout my unit for assignment 2.  I hope they are just as helpful for others also.



Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.  (2016).  Bloom’s digital taxonomy cheat

       sheet for teachers.  Retrieved April 18, 2016, from


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