Reflecting on week 8 and what’s ahead


It’s coming to the end of week 8 already and luckily I am thankfully almost finished the week 8 learning paths for this week and moving along quite nicely with assignment 2.  However this was not always the case.  I really struggled to get started with assignment 2 after feeling quite stressed and exhausted from a busy and overwhelming start to the semester.  Hence the picture at the top of this post.  I think it really shows how I was possibly feeling at the beginning of this semester and because of this I found it hard to get back to it all again once the uni holidays had concluded.  After reading Becs blog post titled ‘The week that was (Week 7 & 8) it is clear that I am not alone in my struggles to get motivated and started on assignment 2 and like everyone else in EDC3100 I really want to do well with assignment 2, so I am putting my all into it.

As Bec also mentioned in her post; prac is not that far away and I am feeling very nervous about it, but also excited at the same time.  I hope I get placed with a really supportive teacher who is willing to help me out and give me great advice.  While sitting at my laptop feeling nervous about what’s ahead for uni this semester I decided to brush up on preparing for prac.  So I visited USQ’s Education placements – professional experience page to help me brush up on everything there is to know about prac.  It’s quite helpful and can be accessed here.



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