Lest We Forget

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Today on Anzac Day we commemorate those who participated or died in military action, particularly on the Gallipoli Peninsula in World War I (The Australian Army, 2015).  I commemorated at an Anzac Day parade at Kallangur and as the serviceman and women marched past me I could feel some tears welling up in my eyes.  Anzac Day is particularly personal to me, as my Poppa served in WWII.

I am very grateful for the sacrifices that were made by the serviceman and women in all of the wars, so that we could live in freedom.  After reading Jodie’s blog post today titled ‘Lest We Forget – Anzac Day’ it really made me think about how  I would teach young students about Anzac Day and I also started to think is there any ICTs out there that would help me teach them about Anzac Day?  Because of this I googled online ICTs for Anzac Day and I came across a website with some digital resources for teaching students about Anzac Day (Spencer, 2012).  This website can be accessed here.  I also did a search for picture books that teach children about Anzac Day because I have always felt like picture books are a great teaching resource for using with young children and I found a list of books that can be accessed here.   One of these books is ‘ANZAC Biscuits’ by Phil Cummings.  This book provides children with discussion points both relating to the subject of war and the use of language (My Book, n.d.).  Another book on this website is ‘A Day to Remember’ by Jackie French.  This book teaches children about respect and thoughts for those who have fought to give us freedom.  It also stresses the personal element of the war (My Book, n.d.).  I was really happy to find this website as I may use some of these books in my future teaching in order to help young children learn about Anzac Day.  Like Jodie after doing some research on how to teach children about Anzac Day I am feeling more confident in approaching this very important and sensitive topic with young children in the future as a teacher.


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