My Perfect Study Space

Study space.jpg

I recently read a blog post written by Elly that was all about the different sorts of places that she usually does her study. I found this post quite interesting to read, as it gave me an incite into how someone else studies and does their uni work.  The way Elly studies sounds quite fun.  I especially like how she sometimes studies in a blanket fort and being the big kid that I am; this particularly caught my interest and sounds like my kind of study space.  However being the organised person that I also am I like to do my study sitting at a desk looking outside to the front yard.  By doing my study this way I find that I am more organised and I also know where everything is.  A big thing for me is having a tidy area to study at, so that I can concentrate and not feel like my mind is all cluttered with mess.  By sitting at my desk I tend to keep everything together in one area and I’m able to easily keep the area tidy.  I like it this way because I find that it keeps me more engaged and on the task ahead of me; whether it be an assignment, a reading or the learning activities.

After writing part of this post I decided to google study spaces; solely because I wanted to see if I could find any good tips on how to create a study space that allows you to study more effectively and efficiently.  My google search led me to a website that has some interesting tips on creating a study space that does allow for effective study habits.  It can be accessed here.  As I know uni can be stressful; having a study space that helps you to concentrate on the task at hand is very important and since it’s quite an interesting read I thought I should share it.  I am quite interested to hear what everyone else’s study spaces might look like and why you study this way.  Hearing from others is always helpful, as it can provide others with ideas on how to continue to make their study space a place that is always going to be an area that allows for effective study habits.




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