Blogs are a great learning tool!!!



So it suddenly dawned on me today that I actually don’t mind writing blog posts.  It’s kind of like a diary, except you are sharing your thoughts with a lot more people than just yourself.  I love how people can read your blog posts and then comment on them in their own blogs.  I have found throughout the EDC3100 course that the use of a blog can enhance my learning from other EDC3100 students. It also helps me understand how other people are feeling throughout the course and to my surprise I have quite often found that they are feeling exactly the same way as I am, which is always reassuring.  I have found blogs to be useful in letting out my thoughts and feelings when I’ve been feeling a little bit stressed about the assignments.

In Sarah’s blog post titled ‘My Light Bulb is Finally Alight’ she makes a comment about how she was not happy when she found out that we would have to use programs like feedly and diigo while also writing a blog.  I was also on the same page as Sarah at the beginning of EDC3100 because I thought it was daunting and overwhelming to use all these new programs that I had never used before. Like Sarah I also didn’t see the value in these things and I felt like it was just a waste of time spending all this time writing a blog that I was sure no one would read.  Gee was I wrong.  It’s quite exciting to know that people are taking an interest in what I write and maybe even getting something out of my posts.

It’s also pretty cool how you can use the internet to search for other blogs that may be helpful to your learning about how to best teach the children of the future.  Because of this I decided to do a google search and I found some pretty awesome blogs.  They can be accessed here and here.  I hope everyone finds these blogs useful and is getting as much out of writing blog posts as I am.  Until next time happy blogging.



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