Further learning on digital citizenship

After working through week 10’s learning paths I feel as though I have learned a lot about how to use ICTs in a safe, ethical and responsible way.  Week 10’s learning paths offered a wide range of useful websites for learning about this, which was very helpful.  I also felt the moodle books were quite helpful as well.  One thing I learnt since my last post about digital citizenship is that it’s important for people not use the same password for getting into a number of different sites online.  This is because this makes it easier for people to be able to easily crack your password, which is something that everyone definitely does not want.

Unfortunately I haven’t received notification of where I am going on prac yet, so I can’t give a detailed explanation of the policies and procedures put into place at a particular school about the safe, ethical and responsible use of ICTs.  However I feel that a good place to start is the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commisioner website which can be accessed here.  Three core principles of a responsible digital citizen are listed on this site and these include engage positively, know your online world and choose consciously.

After working through this weeks learning paths one thing I need to find out before I go on professional experience is what the students already know about the safe, ethical and responsible use of ICTs and how I can support the students in learning what they don’t already know.  I think the help of my mentor in this case would be necessary.  It still makes me nervous about using ICTs whilst on prac; mainly because I want to make sure I include ICTs that amplify and transform the students learning, but still ensure that the students are using ICTs in a way that is safe, ethical and responsible.  I think I will feel less nervous about this once I find out where I am going on prac.  Once I find out this I will be able to look for ICTs that are appropriate for the particular age group that I’m working with and that cater for the students needs and interests in a way that is safe, ethical and responsible.

So I guess at the end of week 10 I am feeling a little bit nervous and frustrated, as I feel like I can’t do much preparation for prac until I know where I’m going and what age group I’ll be working with.  But I am also excited because of the learning opportunities that are still to come.  I guess in the mean time I will do as much research as I can on the safe, ethical and responsible use of ICTs.


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