Preparing for professional experience

So I found out on Friday where I’m doing prac and that I’m going to be placed with a year 2 class.  Finding out my placement details has made me quite excited.  However this is my first prac at a school, so I’m also a little bit nervous too.  In saying that it’s also a good opportunity for me to further my learning, so for this reason I think my excitement outweighs my nervousness.  After reading Bonita’s blog post titled ‘Prac Preparation’  I would like to thank Bonita for sharing those great resources on her post.  TES Australia and Slideshare have some really great resources to help teachers and pre service teachers to put together some great lessons for all year levels and I have to say that these could possibly end up being two of my lifesavers whilst I’m on prac.  As I’ve started to plan for prac I have also been looking for helpful teaching resources and I have come across some great resources myself.  I found a webpage that has been put together by Scholastic that provides a whole range of lesson plans for all year levels.  I also found the Australian curriculum lesson plans website, which is also a great resource.  This website also provides lesson plans for all year levels up to grade 10.  I recommend that everyone has a look at these resources for some helpful hints.  Good luck everyone, as you prepare for prac.

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