My thoughts as Professional Experience draws closer

After reading Bec’s blog post titled ‘Still terrified….Part 2’ I can really relate to how Bec has been feeling.  As professional experience draws closer and closer the stress and fear continues to loom.  I have been feeling a little anxious at the thought of going on professional experience, as I am sure everyone else has been too.  There are all these thoughts going round in my mind and I just hope that professional experience is a positive experience for all.  I definitely agree with Bec that speaking up really does help, as I have experienced moments before when I was so worried about something that it got to the point where I was too scared to speak up about it.  However when I finally did work up the courage to speak up about it I was actually pleasantly surprised that it turned out that there was no need for me to worry afterall.  After finding out the school that I’ll be doing prac at on Friday night; I decided to contact the school on Monday morning to organise to go in and meet my mentor.  The school gave me my mentors email address and said that it would be best to contact the mentor directly, so that I could organise a time to meet my mentor at a time that would suit them.  After emailing my mentor yesterday I still hadn’t heard from them this morning and I was starting to feel a little anxious again.  I ended up ringing the school again to make sure that I had sent it to the right email address.  I found out that I had sent it to the right email address and recieved an email back from my mentor this afternoon. I have now organised a time to meet my mentor and I am finally starting to feel excited about the prospect of professional experience.

2 thoughts on “My thoughts as Professional Experience draws closer

  1. Hi Sherryn, Glad to hear your preparations for prac are progressing positively. I am confident with such a positive attitude your prac will be very rewarding for you. Remember, we all ask questions because we don’t know the answer and we have a desire to learn. I read a post about ‘Asking without fear’. Whilst it is about a scientist the key message remains the same, don’t fear to ask a question. I wish you all the best for your prac. Elizabeth


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