Lets prevent bullying

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Bullying can affect people in many ways.  In fact it’s pretty common for young people to lose sleep because of it or to even feel sick as a result of it.  It’s also very common for young people to want to skip school and sadly one of the most horrific effects of bullying is suicide.  Bullying is becoming an epidemic and it doesn’t just effect young people.  Adults are also effected by bullying in the workplace and with the introduction of digital technology in the 21st century the internet has brought with it a type of bullying that occurs online.  This is known as cyberbullying.  With social media such as Facebook and Twitter being such a big part of people’s lives these days it has become a lot easier for people to bully others online; whether it be verbally through harsh messages or visually through embarrassing or damaging photos.  So obviously something needs to be done to diminish bullying for good.

After reading Sarah’s blog titled ‘Reword it’ which is also about bullying I was really impressed with the tool that she came across recently called Reword.  This tool helps to prevent cyberbullying and internet abuse.  I recommend you read Sarah’s blog for further details on what it does, as it sounds like a fantastic tool for helping to stop bullies abusing others.  I am really passionate about preventing all types of bullying, so I decided to do some research on preventing bullying and I came across a website online developed by the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commisioner about cyberbullying.  I think it is a great resource for helping to prevent cyberbullying and internet abuse.  It also provides some advice on what people being cyberbullied can do to put a stop to the bullying online.  I recommend you have a read of it when you get a chance because it’s very informative and helpful.  Until my next blog I would like to wish everyone lots of luck, as you prepare for prac and may we work together to enhance children’s learning through the use of ICTs, while at the same time using ICTs to teach children that bullying is not okay and equip them with the knowledge needed to help prevent bullying for good.



Anti bullying puzzle [Image].  (2012).  Retrieved from



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