Learning new ICTs on prac is fun!

Like Kylie I am really enjoying learning new things whilst I’m on prac.  It’s pretty cool learning about new ICTs that you can use in lessons to enhance and transform the students learning.  Before coming on prac I had no idea there were so many great ideas using ICTs that can support the students learning.  An example of an ICT resource that I’ve learned about during prac is an app for reading called Sunshine online.  It is a fantastic app for helping children learning to read.  This is because the children can read along to the audio on the app and thus can therefore read independently.  This way the other groups who are working on worksheets during the guided reading rotation activities can have that extra support that they may need from their teacher, as well as myself whilst I’m on prac.

I have learned a lot about new ICTs that support the students learning at the school I’m doing prac at.  However I have also learned a lot from other EDC3100 students whilst I’ve been on prac and this has really been helpful in the lessons that I’ve taught during my prac experience. For example after reading Kylie’s blog titled ‘Yay me!!!’ I found out about a resource called IXL.  It is absolutely fantastic.  I was so pleased to see how many great ideas this website provided for maths and English lessons; especially since it caters for students in both primary school and high school.  I was pretty pleased to see that this website catered for year 2 because I think this will be a great resource for me to use during prac next week when I take a few maths and English lessons.  Like Kylie I have also been looking for resources and games for the grade 2 students to use during maths and as a result I came across a website that provides maths worksheets and games.  It also provides teachers with lesson plans from Kindergarten to grade 5.  This website can be accessed here.   I hope everyone is enjoying prac so far.  I also hope that you continue learning about new ICTs that can be used to enhance and transform students learning throughout the rest of your prac experience this semester.


2 thoughts on “Learning new ICTs on prac is fun!

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