YouTube is a great resource for learning


Today I took a health lesson with the grades 2’s and making decisions was the topic for this lesson.  To begin the lesson I used the interactive projector to present a YouTube video to the students.  The video was a story about making decisions called ‘Hunches in Bunches‘ by Dr Seuss.  The intentions of this video was to hook the students in and engage their interests.  Now that I’ve finished the lesson I can definitely say that I was successful in gaining the students interest.  As the students sat at their desks I could see that they were all focused on watching and listening to the story.  Once the story had finished we had a fantastic group discussion on the focus of the story.  Consequently this was a great way to lead into the rest of the lesson.  We discussed who makes certain decisions and why.  We also discussed who we can turn too to help us make the right decisions and how we can ensure that we make good decisions.  The students had some really great answers and it was great to see so many of the students getting involved in the discussion.  Upon reflection of today’s lesson I have come to the conclusion that gaining the students attention at the very beginning of the lesson has been one of my strengths throughout professional experience so far.

Looking back on the lesson today I can definitely say that I agree with Lesley and her statement thank goodness for YouTube.  I can also definitely say  that YouTube has an abundance of songs, teaching resources and fun activities for students of any age.  From my experience today; I believe that YouTube videos grab the children’s attention and have them sitting quietly and ready to listen and engage in learning no matter what age the children are.  I am pleased to have found a resource that grabs the children’s attention so quickly and I look forward to finding other ICT resources that can grab the children’s attention and interest throughout the rest of professional experience.



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