Reflection of professional experience so far

I am really enjoying working with year 2 and like Leisha I too find it hard sometimes to keep the lesson going simply because the students provide me with so much entertainment.  When I first found out that I was placed in a year 2 classroom I must admit that I was a little disappointed.  I was actually really hoping to be placed in a prep classroom because I have always loved working with that particular age group.  However my time working with a year 2 class has really changed my views on this and I could really see myself working with a year 2 class in the future.

When I sat down with my mentor at the end of last week; we discussed that I would look at some visible learning strategies to implement into my lessons.  As a result I looked online and found a website which provides some valuable learning strategies for diverse learners.  Some of these include stopping to ask the students questions and allowing the students to work in groups to ensure that they have the opportunity to learn from their peers.  During the English lesson yesterday I allowed the students to work in small groups.  Through my observations I noticed that this was a valuable learning strategy to use with this particular class because they really worked well together and you could see the higher level learners supporting the lower level learners in completing their work.  This was a really proud moment for me.  I also found that I was able to help the students to understand and retain information more easily through the use of visual and auditory teaching methods, such as using YouTube videos and PowerPoint presentations that of course use visual elements and therefore help the students thoroughly understand what it is that I am teaching them.

As discussed with my mentor yesterday one thing that I need to improve on is ensuring that my instructions are clear and if necessary I need to remember that sometimes I need to repeat what it is that I require my students to do, so that they all understand their task and are being supported to further their learning.  Other than this I feel that I have had a positive experience so far and I am learning so much and improving on my teaching every time I teach a lesson.

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