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The learning doesn’t stop at ICTs

Unlike most students who have been doing the EDC3100 course this semester; I haven’t quite finished prac yet.  But so far I have to say that I am with Bonita when she mentions in her post titled ‘Nearing the end’ that this has been her best prac experience to date.  I have to say that I also think that this has been my best prac experience to date and although this prac experience has had a focus on using ICTs to enhance and transform the students learning; the learning doesn’t stop there.  This is because I have actually learned a whole heap of stuff to do with all aspects of teaching.  For example I have been learning some strategies  for helping to regain the students focus and attention during lessons, as they begin to lose focus and get a bit noisy.  Some of these strategies that I have learned include 1,2,3 eyes on me and the students repeat back 1, 2 eyes on you and then they stop, look and listen.  Another strategy that I have learned is waterfalls.  This is where the students make the shh sound and then they stop, look and listen.  Another simple one is singing stop, look and listen.  It’s fantastic to see that when these are used throughout lessons the students do stop, look and listen and all of a sudden you have a calm and quiet classroom.  I’ve also found a website with some more great ways to obtain the students attention that I thought I would share with everyone in the hopes that it may help you all in the future as a teacher.  I finish off this blog post by saying for those of you who have finished prac; congratulations and I hope you all did well and for those of you who still have yet to finish prac I wish you luck for the duration of prac and I hope you all do well.