About Me

Me getting ready Welcome to my blog. My name is Sherryn Johns and my interests include bush walking, rock climbing, kayaking and swimming.  I am currently studying the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at USQ. I have a Certificate three in Children’s Services as well as a Diploma of Children’s Services. To become a teacher that is caring and supportive of all students and their different learning needs is important to me as a pre-service teacher.

The use of ICT’s in the 21st century is fundamental in improving the students learning and educational outcomes.  In today’s society there are so many opportunities for children to improve their learning through the use of ICT’s.  E-books, YouTube, blogs, interactive whiteboards, PowerPoints and iPads are just a few examples of ICT tools that children can use in their everyday learning in order to acquire new skills and knowledge.  As ICT’s are becoming the way of the future it is important for me as a future teacher to ensure that I learn how to utilize a variety of ICT’s, so that I can help to improve the learning of the children of the future.

I am looking forward to learning more about ICT’s and how to utilize them through the curriculum throughout EDC3100.  To help my learning be collaborative, rewarding and more enjoyable throughout the EDC3100 course please follow my posts and provide me with comments and suggestions.  This will ensure that all of our learning of ICT’s is supported and enhanced throughout the course in a positive and insightful way.  I look forward to learning collaboratively with everyone this semester.


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